Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Reducing Energy Use through Energy Grant

The Cleveland Coca-Cola Bottling Company Inc. has been awarded an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Grant totaling $133,914, to help improve energy efficiency at its bottling plant in Bedford Heights.  The Grant is a 50% cost match for a new energy efficient ammonia condenser system and compressed air system at our facility.  The Grant was made possible by working with the Ohio Department of Development’s Office of Energy, through participation in the Energy Efficiency Program for Manufactures.

The Grant will be used to help Cleveland Coca-Cola reduce energy use in our manufacturing process and improve our overall product quality.

Science Day at Booker Elementary

Students at Booker Elementary School received a generous donation of clear 2 liter bottles with caps for their Science Day.  This event which was held at a school on the west side of Cleveland went very well.  Each student was given a kit to take home that included a 2 liter bottle to create their own ecosystem!