Monday, December 9, 2013

Cleveland Coke Secures New Business!

We are pleased to announce we have secured the beverage rights for the Cleveland Clinic. The Clinic serves millions of consumers and 45,000 employees in Northeast Ohio. This is a huge opportunity for our organization that will help us achieve our goal of being the Number 1 beverage company in Cuyahoga County. The Cleveland Clinic is very influential in our territory and provides us with the opportunity to gain new business through this association.

This accomplishment was truly a team effort from Bill Jastrzembski opening the door and creating interest, the collaboration with Coca Cola Refreshments to develop a sustainable program and the many hours of work by all departments to help us through the negotiation process. I want to personally thank everyone for their part in this process that started in 2013. We were able to represent how we will be a better supplier who will help the Clinic increase their revenues through superior brands, targeted marketing and daily service.

I can not stress enough that everything we do today moving forward will determine the tone for the next contract. When we deliver superior service which includes: selling, programming, delivery, cooler service, quality products, 100% order accuracy and financial functions the Clinic's decision will be very easy. I know we have the team that can consistently deliver this vision to our new customer.

Randall Cornette
Director of Sales and Marketing

St. Martin DePorres Appreciation Luncheon

Cleveland Coke was cordially invited to Saint Martin de Porres High School 9th Annual Partnership Appreciation Luncheon on Tuesday, November 19. Participants enjoyed a home cooked meal and had the opportunity to meet supervisors from other organizations and take a tour of the students other “home” where he or she spends the other four days each week.

Left to Right: Kan Kwong - IT Systems Administrator, Jonathan Gonzales - 12th Grade Student Intern, Angel Gadson - Receptionist- Customer Service Representative, Pete Benzino - Vice President & General Manager, Angel Hardin - HR Consumer Affairs Administration, Torrean Crenshaw - 10th Grade Student Intern, Katricia Wagner - 11th Grade Student Intern, Kathy Rupp - IT Manager, Jim Stiegel - Director of Human Resources, Charmaine Bowden-Hancock 9th Grade Student Intern, Donna Conrad -Route Settlement/Accounting Clerk, Maryann Herron - Manager Financial Planning & Project Analyst